IAU Medical Sciences Deputy
Director: Dr. Mohsen Nafar

Regarding the fast growing demand in medical fields for greater internationalization, more qualitative and effective training programs with multi-professional elements are planned to initialize a revolutionary approach in training tomorrow's health experts with the use of the national roadmap for education, research and health services.
 The Medical Sciences Deputy aims to improve medical education qualitatively and qualitatively, enhance medical education and research projects, build virtual research centers, promote scientific collaboration between Iranian and international universities, boost exchange between Iranian and world scholars, design joint degree programs through collaboration with other universities and attract students from all over the world in all levels of medical studies.
 In the end, we at the Medical Sciences Deputy wish to express our sincere willingness to provide service to research centers, universities, and organizations with similar interests all around the world, and, specifically, the countries in the region.

Mission and Vision
With focus on improving the quality of education, IAU Medical Sciences Deputy is minimizing the gap between the supply and demand in Iranian higher education. Our mission is to increase scientific and research collaboration with Iranian and international higher education institutions.
We are committed to expand different fields of education, research and health care services:


Development of Interdisciplinary Fields Expansion of Virtual Learning
Expansion of Higher Education: Postgraduate Curriculum


Establishment of Joint Research Centers Building Virtual Research Centers Scientific Medical Publications
Medical Student Research

     Health Care Services

   Improvement of Hospital Performance
   Establishment of Management Information System
   Improvement of Emergency Quality
  Application of Medical Ethics in Health Care

Introduction to IAU Medical Sciences Deputy Divisions:
  Medical Education Development Office
Medical Research and Technology Office
Health Services Office
International Relations Directorate

Medical Education Development Office
Director: Dr. Farhad Adhami Moghadam

Medical Education Development Office is responsible for strategic medical education of medical deputy office in the field of education and for this purpose, it performs guidance, control and planning for promotion of medical education. It plays a prominent role in fulfillment of various duties different branches of Islamic Azad University. This office consists of the following sections: Education management, postgraduate studies management, management of office for education development- management of affairs for scientific committee and students and graduates’ affairs

The most important activities:

Establishment of an integrated evaluation system for 100% of training courses based on the national and international educational plan standards
Design and promotion of intra-field schools
Promotion of evaluation and rating system of university branches
Promotion of scientific and research capabilities of the faculty members in different fields Designing new branches for postgraduate studies
Designing joint courses with local universities
Development of laboratory facilities at university branches such as chemical, biochemistry, micro-biology and anatomical laboratories and mobilization of clinical skills center
Development of international communication such as overseas students’ affairs
Other activities of center for development of education:
Educational affairs of students at different levels and fields of medicine
 Graduates’ affairs
Faculty members’ affairs
Organizing educational council
Organizing promotion council
Evaluation of committee’s sessions
Comprehensive exam for basic sciences and pre-training
Supervision over precise execution of educational by-laws of Ministry of Health
Interaction with other university vice presidencies (international, academic, postgraduate studies, planning and student) and center for development of research and health as well as the elite’s affairs

Medical Research and Technology Development Office
Director: Dr. Abbas Ahmadi

Research and experimental development includes creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge. Research in Medical Sciences field is an essential and inherent part in Medical Sciences education. IAU Medical Sciences Division touches the importance of research, since research findings provide a rich environment for teaching and developing the quality of the education.
In order to achieve the expected strategies, Medical Research & Technology Development Center of IAU Medical Sciences Division has taken several actions so far. The identifying characteristics of these measures are goal-orientedness and alignment with the holistic policies. The main activities by Medical Research & Technology Development Office corresponding to the strategies of research and technology promotion includes:

Strengthening research-oriented attitude in medical sciences

Organizing Research and technology Council of IAU Medical sciences 
Facilitating and encouraging research in academic branches

Completing the research cycle from idea to product

Setting up research centers in various academic branches
Developing a comprehensive model to establish Research Institutes 
Virtual Talent Research Center of Medical Sciences
Regenerative medicine research center
Clinical Laser Medicine Research Center
Memorandum of Understanding with Charity Foundation for Special Diseases and Islamic Azad Sama Schools
Cooperation with private sector to develop research centers
Establishing clinical research development centers and clinical databases 
Organizing ethics committees in research

Increase output of knowledge, product, service and wealth from research in the field of medical sciences

Establishing and setting up medical technology development centers and knowledge-based companies

Strengthening the resources and infrastructure of medical research
Comprehensive Laboratory network of medical sciences 
 Large and active Bio-bank in various fields
Standard and equipped animal house for research in medical universities

Directing attention toward human capital in the field of medical research

Admission of research-oriented PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers Facilitate the hiring of research faculty members of Medical Sciences

Health Services Development Office

Health Services Development Office is involved in three areas, namely administration of hospital affairs, validation and excellence of clinical services and health economy. This office is determined to provide, maintain and promote the scientific and practical level of health services offered at hospitals and performs active role in promoting health of society in order to constantly improve the quality and quantity of healthcare services.
The most important measures:
1.    Supervision over establishment of a national validity system by emphasizing systematic approach of evaluation, codifying and monitoring qualitative indices for analysis of complaints – RCA radical analysis
2.    Budget allocation for validation, mobilization and renovation of active hospitals
3.    Analysis of operational indices of hospital emergencies
4.    Educating an evaluating and advising team for validation of Islamic Azad University
5.    Designing a course for empowerment of human resources and management (designing the hospital MBA course)
6.    Promotion of Culture with respect to fulfillment of patient rights and ethical codes
7.    Planning to obtain an international validation accreditation by one of the hospitals of Islamic Azad
8.    Planning to reform hospital processes
9. Cooperation with realization of the letter of understanding of specific diseases affairs foundation
10    Cooperation for establishment of a clinic for examination of physical fitness and corrective movements and merging this plan with that of a healthy university
11.    Convention of constant meetings for modifying the payment pattern aiming at promotion of performance
12.    Constant convention of meetings for reforming the hospital charts and organizations.

Directorate of International Affairs

International cooperation has dramatically increased during the last decades due to the rapid developments in scientific communication. The Universities produce knowledge; that knowledge is inherently universal and thus transcends country boundaries, and that therefore the very task of the institution makes it international.

Medical International Council

The Head of Medical Policy Council has formed the Medical International Council which believes that International cooperation is one of the most important tasks of the University since the nature of knowledge and science is without boundary.
International Council of IAU Medical Sciences is responsible to facilitate the University international interactions by considering the following objectives:
Establishing international collaborations 
Exchange students and faculty members
    Developing joint research projects
Providing the opportunities for international researchers to visit and learn about the activities of IAU Medical Sciences
Signing agreements with the universities and academic centers in the field of medical sciences throughout the world
Holding international congress, seminars, workshops, and etc.
Medical International Council plans to provide necessary elements to develop the results of the current agreements with well-known research institutes and medical centers.

In line with improving IAU ranking in the international arena, negotiating with several national and overseas bodies and institution has been on agenda:
-    Negotiating with International Neuroscience Institute (INI) headed by Professor Majid Samii, the meetings lead to sign an educational MoU.
-    Negotiating with University of Graz, Austria in order to initiate educational collaboration. 
-    Meeting with a delegation of Kocaeli University of Turkey to strengthen the academic ties.